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    Doctors, Paramedics & Frontline workers serving in government hospitals today, during the COVID outbreak, do not have ready access to Personal Protection kits and N95 masks. By the time their purchase department gets, many would have been infected. Also another important point is if & when covid outbreak escalates as predicted, goes in the direction of USA,Europe countries, its number of ICU beds will determine how many are saved.The difference in the number deaths you see between Germany and Italy is the number of ICU beds & hospital infrastructure they have. India we don't even have as much as italy so if corona outbreak happens all our lacune will be exposed. Indian Government hospitals Medical colleges lack infra structure even for normal course of things is no news to anyone.

    This Ekam Covid Campagin is an initiative to fill the gaps in the government system as we have been doing for the past 10 years, only that the need is urgent and huge.

    Ekam currently has recived SOS requests from 40 govt hospitals & Medical colleges, who have been asked to create Qurantine wards, All of whom have huge requirements,Government hospitals and Medical Colleges running into several Crores.So we call out for help in funds to procure these critical care items.

    Every rupee counts, Donate all you can Generously.

Thank you!
Dr Sai Lakshmi
Founder Ekam
President's NariPuraskar

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